Sometimes, we have to make a start, or a start over, in our careers.

Career Crafters For You is Here to Help

Career Coaching in CaryMaybe you are a new college graduate, maybe you are starting over in a new career or maybe you just need to start over with a fresh image of who you are professionally.

Whatever the reason, embrace your choice and pull your unfinished resume out of the drawer, ‘cause we got work to do…

We are two career coaching professionals who have 30+ years of combined experience in the human resources and public relations fields.

We are here to help you not just find your job, but find your career. We are here to teach you how to market yourself, look for a job, get hired, and start enjoying going to work every day.

Why Choose Us?

After working with Career Crafters for You,

  • 92% of CC4U clients got a job quicker than searching on their own

  • 97% of CC4U workshop attendees said they learned something significant that they didn’t know about job search strategies

  • 100% of CC4U clients reported increased views on Linked In

  •  offer negotiations resulted in pay raises, bonuses and additional vacation days

Thanks to our Hot Seat Participants!

We had a great workshop recently where we simulated the interview process, led by none other than our master recruiter Missy Gower!  Volunteers were interviewed based on their current resumes and were critiqued on their answers as well as their body language.  It was great timing for one volunteer, as she has since landed a job interview and will be well-prepared thanks to her practice session.

If interviewing is your weak spot, contact CC4U for help.  We have successfully coached many clients who have since gone on to land great jobs and would be happy to help you land yours.  For more information contact us at

Great workshop discussions on:

  • How to navigate the current job market
  • How to tailor your resume to individual jobs
  • How to explain a break in a career to care for children and aging parents and more!

Early Notification of Classes: email

Raleigh – Durham Top Job Search Awards

-Best Cities for Jobs _ GlassdoorDid You Know? That Glassdoor recently named the Raleigh-Durham area as one of the top locations in the United States to find a job!  Many of these companies we have worked with previously!  Ask us for details or contact Career Crafters For You here!